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The Periplum

Sharon Mayer Libera, “Casting His Gods Back into the NOUS: Two Neoplationists and The Cantos of Ezra Pound”

Frederick K. Sanders, “The French Theme of Canto 70”

Jo Brantely Berryman, “‘Medallion’: Pound’s Poem”

James J. Wilhelm, “In Praise of Anselm: An Approach to Canto 105”

The Explicator

Douglas Stone, “Pound’s ‘Mr. Corles’: Canto XXXV”

Robert J. Welke, “Frobenius: Pound — Some Quick Notes”

P. L. Surette, “Helen of Tyre”

Francis E. Zapatka, “Crommelyn and del Valle: A Note on Canto 105”

The Documentary

Barry S. Alpert, “Ezra Pound, John Price and The Exile

Carroll F. Terrell, “An English Version of Grosseteste’s De Luce

Robert Grosseteste, “De Luce

The Reviewer

Earle Davis (Ezra Pound: New Emphasis on Economics)

Sister Bernetta Quinn (Ezra Pound, The Critical Heritage)

The Biographer

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FALL 1973


The Periplum

Georg M. Gugelberger, “The Secularization of ‘Love’ to a Poetic Metaphor: Cavalcanti, Center of Pound’s Medievalism”

James J. Wilhelm, “Two Heavens of Light and Love: Paradise to Dante and to Pound”

Leslie H. Palmer, “Matthew Arnold and Ezra Pound’s ABC of Reading

The Explicator

Hugh Kenner, “A Schema for XXX Cantos”

Dalton Gross, “Pound’s Early Literary Reputation: George Sterling’s Dissent”

Timothy Materer, “A Reading of ‘From Canto CXV'”

Walter Michaels, “Lincoln Steffens and Pound”

John Peck, “‘Get a Dictionary’: The Festus behind Pound’s Festus”

The Gallery

Pound and Harry Meacham

Dorothy Pound

Ezra Pound Infant and Family

Le Vorticisme at Eiffel Tower Restaurant, Spring 1915

The Documentary

Carroll F. Terrell, “The Eparch’s Book of Leo the Wise”

Leo the Wise, “To Eparchikon Biblion”

Jules Nicole, “The Eparch’s Book: Greek and Latin Redaction”

The Bibliographer

Donald Gallup, “Supplement to the Bibliography”

The Reviewer

George Lensing (Sister Bernetta Quinn, Ezra Pound, An Introduction to the Poetry)

The cover is a reproduction of the opening lines of the XIVth century manuscript “Genevenses graecus 23” discovered by Jules Nicole in Byzantine Greek. The complete manuscript is reproduced in this issue of Paideuma with the kind permission of Variorum Reprints.

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