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SPRING and FALL 1978


The Periplum

Forrest Read, “The Mathematical Symbolism of Ezra Pound’s Revolutionary Mind”

Akiko Miyake, “The Greek-Egyptian Mysteries in pound’s ‘The Little Review Calendar’ and in Cantos 1-7″

Andrew Clearfield, “Pound, Paris, and Dada”

Carroll F. Terrell, “Mag-Tsze, Thomas Taylor, and Madam ΤΛΗ”

Thomas Taylor, “The Eleusinian and Bacchic Mysteries”

The Explicator

Eva Hesse, “New Light on Old problems”

Franz H. Link, “Two Notes on the Early Poetry”

The Documentary

John J. Nolde, “The Sources for Canto LV”

Ben Kimpel and T. C. Duncan Eaves, “The Sources of the Leopoldine Cantos”

The Biographer

Virgil Geddes, “A Visit to Pound”

John P. Sullivan, “An Afternoon with Ezra”

The Bibliographer

Stephen Fender, “Work in the Progress in the United Kingdom”

The Vortex

Donald Davie, “Ezra Pound and the English”

Peter Schneeman, “Pound’s ‘Englischer Brief’: A Look toward Germany”

Wendy Flory and Jo Berryman, “Report on the MLA Special Session, 1977”

The Reviewer

Stephen Adams (Ezra Pound and Music, ed. Murray Schafer)

Sharon Mayer Libera (Ronald Bush, The Genesis of Ezra Pound’s Cantos)

Hugh Witemeyer (George Bornstein, The Postromantic Consciousness of Ezra Pound)

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The Periplum

Sharon Mayer Libera, “Casting His Gods Back into the NOUS: Two Neoplationists and The Cantos of Ezra Pound”

Frederick K. Sanders, “The French Theme of Canto 70”

Jo Brantely Berryman, “‘Medallion’: Pound’s Poem”

James J. Wilhelm, “In Praise of Anselm: An Approach to Canto 105”

The Explicator

Douglas Stone, “Pound’s ‘Mr. Corles’: Canto XXXV”

Robert J. Welke, “Frobenius: Pound — Some Quick Notes”

P. L. Surette, “Helen of Tyre”

Francis E. Zapatka, “Crommelyn and del Valle: A Note on Canto 105”

The Documentary

Barry S. Alpert, “Ezra Pound, John Price and The Exile

Carroll F. Terrell, “An English Version of Grosseteste’s De Luce

Robert Grosseteste, “De Luce

The Reviewer

Earle Davis (Ezra Pound: New Emphasis on Economics)

Sister Bernetta Quinn (Ezra Pound, The Critical Heritage)

The Biographer

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