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Dove Sta Memora

In Requiescat: Michael Reck

The Periplum

Maria Luisa Ardizzone, “The Genesis and Structure of Pound’s Paradise: Looking at the Vocabulary”

Ming Xie, “Pound, Waley, Lowell, and the Chinese ‘Example’ of Vers Libre

Michael J. Mages, “He Do Propertius in a Modernist Voice: Pound’s Summary of the Amatory Theme from the Elegies of Sextus Propertius”

The Explicator

Colin McDowell, “‘In the Minor Key of an Epoch’: Georges Herbiet”

Richard Londraville, “Fenollosa and the Legacy of Stone Cottage”

The Documentary

Leslie Hatcher, “Report on the 15th Ezra Pound International Conference, ‘Nature and Myth in Ezra Pound,” Rapallo, Italy, July 13-16, 1993″

The Gallery

Walter Baumann, “Photographs”

The Reviewer

Michael Coyle (Vincent Sherry, Ezra Pound, Wyndham Lewis and Radical Modernism)

Stephen Fender (Donald Davie, Studies in Ezra Pound: Chronicles and Polemic)

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The Periplum

Michael Coyle, “‘A Profounder Didacticism’: Ruskin, Orage and Pound’s Reception of Social Credit”

Brian Arkins, “Pound’s Propertius: What Kind of Homage?”

Ellen Keck Stauder, “Towards a Grammar of Relationships: The Rhetoric of Music in Pound and Rousseau”

Paul Skinner, “Of Owls and Waterspouts”

Edward H. Baker, “Historical Mediation in Two Translations of Ezra Pound”

Todd H. Sammons, “A Note on the Milton Criticism of Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot”

The Explicator

Nicolas Z. Ambrus, “To the Unwobbling Pivot”

David Roessel, “‘Near Perigord’ and a Mycenaean Trade War”

György Novák, “A Note on ‘Syria’ in C74/432”


Chang Yao-Xin, “Pound’s Chinese Translations”

Mohammad Shaheen, “Pound’s Transmission of Ittisal in Canto 76″

Marius Buning, “Ezra Pound in the Lowlands”

The cover image is titled “Usura,” by Robert LaVigne. It was done in 1985 during the height of the Ethiopian famine and drought, hence the poignancy of the fan-bearer. The print is provided by Steven Chandler of Seattle.

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FALL 1976


The Periplum

Dennis Klinck, “Pound, Social Credit, and the Critics”

Mark Turner, “Propertius through the Looking Glass”

The Explicator

Ernest Griffin, “EP Ode Pour … and Max Plowman’s The Right To Live

David Gordon, “A Place for Buddhism in Canto 99”

The Documentary

Ezra Pound, “Letters to Natalie Barney, Edited with Commentary by Richard Sieburth”

The Bibliographer

Vittoria Mondolfo, “Annotated Bibliography, 1918-1924”

The Biographer

Henry Swabey, “A Page without Which”

David Seed, “The Ezra Pound Convention at Sheffield”

This cover is of a monastic craftsman making books. The first stage in the manufacture of a book is shown on the left, in the second circle from the bottom, where a monk is preparing parchment. In the scene opposite he cuts the skin to size. The next part of the process is illustrated in the top left-hand circle, where a monk is cutting his pen from a goosefeather, and in the top right-hand one he has finished writing, placing the pen out of the way behind his ear, and is busy painting the manuscript. The monk below is binding the book, and the two to the left and right at the bottom are making the covers and metal clasps to hold it shut. In the center another monk proudly thrusts the finished book out beyond the frame of the medallion, and in the center at the bottom the volume can be seen in use. The remaining circle shows an artist at work on a diptych. In the central panel another paints an architectural structure, perhaps a shrine. The Archangel Michael, the patron saint of the abbey of Michelsberg, where this drawing was probably made, presides over all activity. The drawing dates from the first half of the twelfth century.

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