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The Periplum

M. L. Rosenthal, “The Structuring of Pound’s Cantos”

Max Nänny, “Oral Dimensions in Ezra Pound”

Woon-Ping Chin Holaday, “Pound and Binyon: China via the British Museum”

The Explicator

John Espey, “A Note on ‘Nils Lykke'”

David M. Gordon, “Notes and Observations”

The Documentary

John J. Nolde, “The Sources for Canto LIV: Part Two”

The Vortex

Donald Davie, “Sicily in the Cantos”

Leon Surette, “A Case for Occam’s Razor: Pound and Spengler”

Margaret Bates, “EP: Maker of Connections”

The cover features a design by Arline Thomson based on a funerary pottery figurine from a T’ang workshop.

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The Periplum

Donald Davie, “Ezra Among the Edwardians”

Herbert Schneidau, “Pound, Olson, & Objective Verse”

R. N. Egudu, “Ezra Pound and Wole Soyinka on War”

The Explicator

Wendy Flory, “The ‘Tre Donne’ of the Pisan Cantos”

Stephen Helmling, “Del Mar Material in Canto 97: Further Annotations”

Bernetta Quinn, “Richard of St. Victor and the Moon Goddess”

Ronald Bush, “Pound and Spengler: Another Look”

Dennis R. Klinck, “Pound’s ‘Economist Consulted of Nations'”

Carroll F. Terrell, “Magna Carta, Talbots, the Lady Anne, and Pound’s Associative Technique in Canto 80″

The Documentary

Robert M. Knight, “Thomas Jefferson in Canto XXXI”

Carroll F. Terrell, “History, de Mailla, and the Dynastic Cantos”

Pere Joseph de Mailla, “Histoire Générale de la Chine”

David Gordon, “The Sources of Canto LIII”

The Bibliographer

Vittoria Mondolfo and Helen Shuster, “Annotated Checklist of Criticism on Ezra Pound, 1930-1935”

The Reviewer

Hugh Witemeyer (Suzanne Juhasz, Metaphor and the Poetry of Williams, Pound, and Stevens)

Doris L. Eder (Eugene Paul Nassar, The Cantos of Ezra Pound: The Lyric Mode)

Forrest Read (Paideuma 4.2-3, ed. Carroll F. Terrell)

The cover depicts Sakyamuni in the act of preaching. Sakyamuni is seated on a Lotus Throne under the bodhi tree. Flanking him are his four disciples and two Bodhisattvas. On top is the celestial dragon. Beneath the Lotus Throne is a rectangular stone platform in the middle of which are two boys offering incence with an upheld censer. On each side is a guardian and a lion.

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