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FALL and WINTER 1983


The Periplum

Donald Davie, “Adrian Stokes Revisited”

Walter Baumann, “But to Affirm the Gold Thread in the Pattern [116/797]: An Examination of Canto 116”

Martin Kayman, “A Context for Hart’s ‘Complex'”

Angela Elliott, “Pound’s Lucifer: A Study in the Imagery of Flight and Light”

The Explicator

M. A. Bernstein, “Distinguendum Est Inter Et Inter: A Defense of Calliope”

Timothy Materer, “H.D., Serenitas, and Canto CXIII”

Mohammed Shaheen, “Pound and Blunt: Homage for Apathy”

Michael Fournier, “Chauncey Alcot”

The Biographer

John L. Steele, “Ezra at the DTC: A Correspondence between Carroll F. Terrell and John Steele”

James Wilhelm, “The Wadsworths, the Westons, and the Farewell of 1911”

Thomas Dilworth, “Virgil Thompson on Antheil and Ezra Pound, a Conversation”

Robert Schultz, “A Detailed Chronology of Ezra Pound London Years, 1908-1920”

The Documentary

Mary Fitzgerald, “Ezra Pound and Irish Politics: An Unpublished Correspondence”

Daniel Pearlman, “Fighting World: The Letters of Ezra Pound to Senator William E. Borah of Idaho”

Frances E. Neidhardt, “From Apelles to Pound’s ‘Usury’ Canto: Botticelli’s La Calumnia Goes Modern”

Michael Culver, “The Art of Henry Strater: An Examination of the Illustrations for Pound’s A Draft of XVI Cantos

The Vortex

Lionel Kelly, “Eighth International Pound Conference: Report”

T. C. Duncan Eaves, “In Memoriam — Ben Drew Kimpel (1915-1983)”

Archie Henderson, “Ezra Pound: Composer”

The Reviewer

Carroll F. Terrell (Ezra Pound: A Bibliography)

John C. Hirsch (Il Miglior Fabbro)

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The Periplum

Douglas Thompson, “Pound and Brazilian Concretism”

Jo Brantley Berryman, “The Art of the Image”

M. L. Rosenthal, “Pound at His Best: Canto 47”

The Explicator

Akiko Miyake, “A Note on So-shu”

Franz H. Link, “A Note on Samothrace”

The Documentary

Ben Kimpel and T. C. Duncan Eaves, “Sources of Cantos XLII and XLIII”

Carroll F. Terrell, “A Couple of Documents”

The Biographer

Richard Sieburth, “Ideas into Action: Pound and Voltaire”

The Vortex

Diana Surman, “Report on EP Conference”

Mohammed Shaheen, “Pound in Arabic”

Burton N. Hatlen, “Report on Works in Progress”

The cover features the head of John Quincy Adams by Guy Davenport.

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