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FALL 1974


The Periplum

G. Singh, “Ezra Pound Symposium”

David Gordon, “The Sacred Edict”

Leon Surette, “A Light from Eleusis”

The Explicator

D. James Neault, “Richard of St. Victor and Rock Drill”

D. J. Hugen, “‘…Small Birds of Cyprus'”

David Gordon, “From the Blue Serpent to Kati”

Bradford Morrow, “Ezra Pound’s ‘Lombard Writer Friend'”

The Documentary

Allen Ginsberg, “Allen Verbatim”

Burton Hatlen, “Work in Progress”

The Reviewer

Eric Homberger (William Chase, Political Identities)


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The Periplum

David Hsin-Fu Wand, “To the Summit of Tai Shan”

David Gordon, “‘Root/Br./By Product’ in Pound’s Confucian Ode 166”

Eugene Eoyang, “The Confucian Odes”

The Explicator

Angela Jung Palandri, “The ‘Seven Lakes Canto’ Revisited”

David Gordon, “E. P. Translating a Li Po Poem”

John Peck, “Arras and Painted Arras”

Deba P. Patnaik, “E. P. and Naresh Guha”

The Biographer

Bryant Knox, “Allen Upward and Ezra Pound”

Eric Homberger, “A Glimpse of Pound in 1912 by Arundel del Re”

The Documentary

Carroll F. Terrell, “The Na-Khi Documents I: The Landscape of Paradise”

The Reviewer

Forrest Read (Ezra Pound: Selected Prose 1909-1965, ed. William Cookson)

Harriet Zinnes (Martin Duberman, Black Mountain: An Exploration in Community)

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