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Volume 48 / 2021 [2023]

A Tribute to Askia M. Touré

Benjamin Friedlander, Preface

David Grundy, “Songs for the Future: Askia Touré’s Songhai!

Askia Muhammad Touré, Songhai!

Addison Gayle, Jr., “Reclaiming the Southern Experience: The Black Aesthetic 10 Year Later” (1974)

James Smethurst, “Askia Touré, The Black Arts Movement, and Songhai!

Kathy Lou Schultz, “Love as Revolutionary Practice in Askia Touré’s Songhai!

David Grundy, “Askia Muhammad Touré/Rolland Snellings: A Selected Chronological Checklist”

Notes on Contributors

Cover of Paideuma volume 48, showing the cover of Askia M. Touré's Songhai! (1972). Back cover of Paideuma 48 featuring the back cover of Askia M. Touré’s Songhai! (1972)

The front and back covers of Paideuma 48 feature the front and back of Askia Muhammad Touré’s Songhai! (1972), which feature the photography of Bilal A. M. Farid.


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Kevin Killian, “Activism, Gay Poetry, AIDS in the 1980s”

Franklin Bruno, “‘wrong sort turismo‘: Kenward Elmslie’s ‘Tropicalism'”

Tim Woods, “Cid Corman: Editor, Translator, Poet”

Anna Elena Eyre, “Jaime de Angulo’s Relational ‘I’: A Morphological Poetics”

Jeffrey Blevins, “Putting a Pineapple Together with Wallace Stevens”

Katherine M. Miller, “‘this will happen again – where? when?‘: Typological Thinking in H.D.’s Trilogy

Mara de Gennaro, “Man is Man Because . . .: Humanism Wars, ‘Sweeney Erect,’ and the Makings of Modernist Imagination”

Documents and Reviews

Brian Carpenter, “‘an innter striving’: An Overview of Edward Sapir’s Poetry Papers”

Edward Sapir, “Suggestive Notes”

Massimo Bacigalupo, “Melville to Merrill: Italophile American Poets”

“Italophile American Poets Gallery”

Massimo Bacigalupo, “James Laughlin and ”Ma’ Riess of Rapallo'”

James Laughlin, “‘Ma’ Riess of Rapallo”

“‘Ma’ Riess of Rapallo Gallery”

John Tytell, “In Pursuit of Olga Rudge”


In Memoriam:

Tobin Brogunier, “Joseph Brogunier photograph”

David Grundy, “Amiri Baraka”

James Longenbach, “J. Walton Litz”

Michael Heller, “Allen Grossman”

Notes on Contributors


Cover: Amiri Baraka at the NPF Conference, “Poetry of the 1960s,” in Orono, Maine, June 2000. Photograph by Aldon Nielsen. Used with permission.


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