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The Periplum

James Neault, “Apollonius of Tyana”

William Tay, “Between Kung and Eleusis”

A. D. Moody, “Pound’s Allen Upward”

Michael Shuldiner, “Pound’s Progress: The ‘Pisan Cantos'”

The Explicator

Hugh Witemeyer, “Ruskin and the Signed Capital in Canto 45”

Laurence W. Mazzeno, “A Note on ‘Hugh Selwyn Mauberley'”

Bradford Morrow, “De Lollis’s Sordello and Sordello: Canto 36″

Francis J. Bosha, “Canot LXXXIV: Pound’s ‘Henriot'”

Fred Moramarco, “Schiavoni: ‘That Chap on the Wood Barge'”

Eva Hesse, “‘Shiavoni,’ or: When St. Hieronymus Turned His Back”

Johannis Burchardi, “Extract from Diarium”

Stephen Adams, “Pound, Olga Rudge, and the ‘Risveglio Vivaldiano'”

The Documentary

David Gordon, “More on The Sacred Edict

The Reviewer

Steve Helmling (Hugh Kenner, A Homemade World)

J. C. Nassivera (DK/Some Letters of Ezra Pound, ed. Louis Dudek)

Cover by Guy Davenport, on Apollonius of Tyana themes.

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FALL 1974


The Periplum

G. Singh, “Ezra Pound Symposium”

David Gordon, “The Sacred Edict”

Leon Surette, “A Light from Eleusis”

The Explicator

D. James Neault, “Richard of St. Victor and Rock Drill”

D. J. Hugen, “‘…Small Birds of Cyprus'”

David Gordon, “From the Blue Serpent to Kati”

Bradford Morrow, “Ezra Pound’s ‘Lombard Writer Friend'”

The Documentary

Allen Ginsberg, “Allen Verbatim”

Burton Hatlen, “Work in Progress”

The Reviewer

Eric Homberger (William Chase, Political Identities)

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