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The Periplum

Donald Davie, “Res and Verba in Rock-Drill and After”

Max Nänny, “Ezra Pound and the Menippean Tradition”

Ben D. Kimpel and T. C. Duncan Eaves, “Pound’s Research for the Malatesta Cantos”

Mohammad Y. Shaheen, “The Story of Abd-el-Melik’s Money in Canto XCVI and XCVII”

Kay Davis, “Ring Composition, Subject Rhyme and Canto VI”

The Explicator

Walter Baumann, “Carleton, Paquin and Salzburg”

Ronald E. McFarland, “A Note on Monsieur Verog”

Ben D. Kimpel and T. C. Duncan Eaves, “Messire Uzzano in 1442”

Carroll F. Terrell, “Cabranez, the Mystery Man”

The Biographer

Robert Schultz, “A Detailed Chronology of Ezra Pound’s London Years, 1908-1920, Part One: 1908-1914”

Archie Henderson, “Pound’s Strelets Interview 91915)”

The Documentary

Jerry Voorhis, “The Mysteries of the Federal Reserve System”

E. J. R. Booth, “A Commentary on ‘The Mysteries of the Federal Reserve System’ by Jerry Voorhis”

Peter Davidson, “Giulio Romano at the Spring Marriage”

E. P. Walkiewicz, “Pound/Joyce: Dublin ’82”


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FALL 1982


The Periplum

Sanehide Kodama, “Cathay and Fenollosa’s Notebooks”

Timothy Materer, “Doppelgänger: Ezra Pound in His Letters”

Kevin Oderman, “‘Cavalcanti’: That the Body Is Not Evil”

The Explicator

Ben D. Kimpel and T. C. Duncan Eaves, “How the Medici Went Bust”

Reno Odlin, “Dinklage”

Francis J. Bosha, “Pound’s References to Borah and Stalin in Canto 84”

Mohammad Y. Shaheen, “A Note on the Spelling of ‘Habdimlich’ for ‘Abd Al-Malik in The Cantos

The Documentary

Lee Bartlett and Hugh Witemeyer, “Ezra Pound and James Dickey: A Correspondence and a Kinship”

David Gordon, “Corpus Juris and Canto XCIV”

The Vortex

Brendan Jackson, “A Reluctant American: Ezra Pound’s Response to Whitman, Whistler and Henry James”

Margot Speight, “Dorothy Pound at Work”

The Reviewer

Michael King (H.D., HERmione)

Martin A. Kayman (Ian F. A. Bell, Critic as Scientist: The Modernist Poetics of Ezra Pound)

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The Periplum

Kay Davis, “Fugue and Canto LXIII”

William French and Timothy Materer, “Far Flung Vortices & Ezra’s ‘Hindoo’ Yogi”

Andrew J. Kappel, “Napoleon and Talleyrand in The Cantos

William French, “‘Saint Hilda,’ Mr. Pound, and Rilke’s Parisian Panther at Pisa”

The Explicator

Peter Myers, “The Metre of Canto XLVII”

Terri Brint Joseph, “‘Near Perigord’: A Perplexity of Voice”

David Gordon, “‘The City of Dioce’ and China”

The Bibliographer

Leszek Engelking, “Ezra Pound in Poland”

The Vortex

A. D. Moody, “The Pisan Cantos: Making Cosmos in the Wreckage of Europe”

Matthew Little, “Pound’s Use of the Word Totalitarian

Brendan Jackson, “Seventh International Ezra Pound Conference, University of Sheffield, 11-14 April 1981”

Sanehide Kodama, “Third Annual Meeting of the Ezra Pound Society of Japan”

The Reviewer

David Anderson (Ezra Pound: Lettere 1907-1958, ed. Aldo Tagliaferri, trans. Girolamo Mancuso and Wilma Rodeghiero)

John C. Hirsh (James J. Wilhelm, The Poetry of Arnaut Daniel)

This cover is a drawing by Guy Davenport of “The Red Stone Dancer,” one of Pound’s favorite Gaudier-Brzeska sculptures. The image was also used for the cover of Paideuma 1.1.

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