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The Periplum

Ben Kimpel and T. C. Duncan Eaves, “American History in Rock-Drill and Thrones

E. P. Walkiewicz and Hugh Witemeyer, “Ezra Pound’s Contributions to New Mexican Periodicals and His Relationship with Senator Bronson Cutting”

Daniel Pearlman, “Ezra Pound: America’s Wandering Jew”

David Matthew Rosen, “Art and Economics in Pound”

The Explicator

Reed Way Dasenbrock, “Dante’s Hell and Pound’s Paradiso: ‘tutto spezzato’

Ben D. Kimpel and T. C. Duncan Eaves, “Herbert Hoover and the London Judge”

Ronald E. Thomas, “‘Ere He His Goddis Brocht in Latio’: On Pound’s Appreciation of Gavin Douglas”

The Bibliographer

Andrew Crosland, “Annotated Checklist of Criticism on Ezra Pound, 1961-1965: Part III”

The Zuk Explicator

Reno Odlin, “Materials Toward an Essay on Zukofsky’s ‘A’

The Vortex

Terri B. Joseph, “‘The Pisan Cantos: Thirty Years After:’ A Report on the MLA Special Session, 1979″

William Hoffa, “‘Ezra Pound: A Celebration,’ Hamilton College, April 25-26, 1980”

Burton Hatlen, “Re Reno Odlin: A Riposte”

The Reviewer

Stephen Fender (Leon Surette, A Light from Eleusis: A Study of Ezra Pound’s Cantos)

This cover is an undated photograph of Ezra Pound, provided with permission by Dr. Bruce Richman, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX.

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FALL 1980


The Periplum

John J. Nolde, “The Literary Revolutions of Hu Shih and Ezra Pound”

Robert G. Eisenhauer, “‘Jeweler’s Company’: Topaz, Half-Light, and Bounding-Lines in The Cantos

Randall Schroth, “A Primer for Some of Pound’s Chinese Characters”

John Steven Childs, “Larvatus Prodeo: Semiotic Aspects of the Ideogram in Pound’s Cantos

The Explicator

Ben D. Kim

The Documentary

The Bibliographer

The Reviewer

This cover shows a statue of a standing Bodhisatva, made of wood with traces of color. 195 cm high. From the Sung dynasty. Reprinted from A Book of Chinese Art (London: Spring Books, 1966).

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Dove Sta Memora

Hugh Kenner, “The Sound of Sense”

Robert Creeley, “Basil Bunting”

Ralph Gustafson, “Music Thinks Sensuously, Words Can’t”

Russell Banks, “Good to the Source: A Lesson in Good Manners”

Ronald Bayes, “Balancing Act”

Donald Davie, “But to Remember”

Guy Davenport, “For Basil Bunting”

Peter Lewis, “Canto CLI, from Sartoris”

August Kleinzhaler, “Throw It Out and Try Again”

The Periplum

Carroll F. Terrell, “Basil Bunting in Action”

David Gordon, “A Northumbrian Sabine”

Anthony Suter, “The Writer in the Mirror”

Peter Dale, “Bunting and Villon”

The Gallery

Basil Bunting

A Rawthey Madrigal

The Biographer

Jonathan Williams, “Eighty of the Best”

F. Whitney Jones, “Basil Bunting in America, 1976”

David Gordon, “Bunting Obiter

Tom Pickard, “Serving My Time to a Trade”

The Documentary

J. A., “Brigflatts Meeting House 1675”

The Bibliographer

Roger Guedalla, “Books and Pamphlets by or Edited by Basil Bunting”

The Reviewer

Peter Quartermain (Louis Zukofsky, ‘A’)

Joseph Cary (‘Ezra Pound Speaking’: Radio Speeches of World War II, ed. Leonard W. Doob)

Hugh Witemeyer (Barbara Eastman, Ezra Pound’s Cantos: The Story of the Text)

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