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The Periplum

Robert Fitzgerald, “Mirroring the Commendia: An Appreciation of Laurence Binyon’s Version”

Hiroko Uno, “Li-Po and Translation by Ezra Pound”

Scott Johnson, “The ‘Tools’ of the Ideogramic Method”

Akiko Miyake, “Contemplation East and West: A Defense of Fenollosa’s Synthetic Language and Its Influence on Ezra Pound”

Marianne Korn, “Truth Near Perigord”

The Explicator

Eva Hesse, “Raymonde Collignon, or (Apropos Paideuma, 7-1&2, pp, 345-46): The Duck that Got Away”

Eva Hesse, “Helen’s nostos, the ‘Cup of White Gold'”

Xu Qi-Ping, “Pound’s Translation of a Chinese Poem”

Walter Baumann, “Gerhart…Ständebuch”

Jonathan Morse, “What’s His Name”

Philip Furia, “Pound and Blake on Hell”

The Documentary

Ezra Pound, “Mr. Dunning’s Poetry”

Ralph Cheever Dunning, “The Four Winds”

Basil Bunting, “The Village Fields”

The Vortex

Edgar M. Glenn, “Pound and Ovid”

Harvey Kail, “Report on Works-in-Progress”

The Reviewer

Walter Sutton (George Kearns, Guide to Ezra Pound’s Selected Cantos)

George F. Butterick (Michael André Bernstein, The Tale of the Tribe: Ezra Pound and the Modern Verse Epic)

Bruce W. Richman (Forrest Read, ’76: One World and The Cantos of Ezra Pound)

Burton Hatlen (Marjorie Perloff, The Poetics of Indeterminacy: Rimbaud to Cage)

The cover features a teardrop bottle from the Natzler Collection of Ceramics at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Photograph by Max Yavno.

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FALL 1981


The Periplum

Walter Baumann, “Ezra Pound and Magic: Old World Tricks in a New World Poem”

Hans-Joachim Zimmermann, “Ezra Pound, ‘A Song of the Degrees’: Chinese Clarity versus Alchemical Confusion”

Ian F. A. Bell, “Pound’s Vortex: Shapes Ancient and Modern”

Helen M. Dennis, “The Eleusinian Mysteries as an Organizing Principle in the Pisan Cantos

Daniel Bornstein, “The Poet as Historian: Researching the Malatesta Cantos”

The Explicator

Eva Hesse, “Klages in Canto LXXV/450: A Positive Identification”

Peter D’Eprio, “Canto 74: New Light on Lucifer”

George Bornstein, “‘What Porridge had John Keats?’: Pound’s ‘L’Art’ and Browning’s ‘Popularity'”

Ben D. Kimpel and T. C. Duncan Eaves, “‘Tremaine at 2 in the Morning’ and Other Little Mysteries”

Daniel Pearlman, “Canto 52: The Vivante Passage”

Reno Odlin, “Materials Toward an Essay on Zukofsky’s ‘A’

Franz Link, “A Note on ‘The Apparition of These Faces…’ in The House of Mirth and ‘In a Station of the Metro'”

The Biographer

David Anderson, “Breaking the Silence: The Interview of Vanni Ronsisvalle and Pier Pasolini with Ezra Pound in 1968”

Michael King, “Go, Little Book: Ezra Pound, Hilda Doolittle and ‘Hilda’s Book'”

David Feldman, “Ezra Pound: A Poet in a Cage”

The Documentary

Ezra Pound, “Letters from Ezra Pound to Joseph Brewer” (edited with commentary by Brita Lindberg-Seyersted)

Zeami Motokiyo, “Yoro translated from the Japanese by Nobuko Tsukui”

Akiko Miyake, “Commentary on Professor Tsukui’s Translation of Yoro

The Vortex

Clark Emery, “Father William” and “St. Elizabeths”

John Shea and Timothy Romano, “The Pound-Williams Conference”

The Bibliographer

Peter Schneeman, “Pound in Romania”

Eric Fridman, “Sources of Canto XIII”

The Reviewer

David Anderson (Italian Images of Ezra Pound: Twelve Critical Essays, ed. and trans. Angela Jung and Guido Palandri)

Clark Emery (Wendy Stallard Flory, Ezra Pound and the Cantos: A Record of Struggle)

François Sauzey (Michael Berstein, The Tale of the Tribe: Ezra Pound and the Modern Verse Epic)

This cover features a cut from a poster announcing the issue of Secolul 20, which contained the “Ezra Pound – In Memoriam” section. This photograph was provided by Peter Schneeman.

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Special Issue


Dove Sta Memora

Ezra Pound, “Preface to Discrete Series (1934)”

Carl Rakosi, “Two Notes and a Poem for George Oppen”

David Ignatow, “Three Poems for George Oppen”

Charles Tomlinson, “Two Poems for George and Mary Oppen”

Anthony Barnett, “A Note about George Oppen”

Gilbert Sorrentino, “George Oppen: Smallness of Cause”

Michael Cuddihy, “George Oppen: A Loved and Native Rock”

Jonathan Griffin, “George and Mary Oppen”

Christopher Middleton, “A Road that is One in Many”

John Taggart, “Sumac”

Sharon Olds, “Two Poems”

Ted Pearson, “Soundings: VII”

Michael André Bernstein, “Interlude”

Henry Weinfield, “Sonnet”

Mark Linenthal, “An Appreciation”

Sarah Appleton, “George Oppen, 1975”

Shirley Kaufman, “Realities”

David Gitin, “A Note and a Poem”

Leni Mancuso-Barrett, “The Meeting (G. & M. O.)”

Rachel Blau DuPlessis, “Voyaging”

The Periplum

Paul Auster, “A Few Words in Praise of George Oppen”

Constance Hunting, “‘At Least Not Nowhere’: George Oppen as Maine Poet”

Rachel Blau DuPlessis, “Oppen and Pound”

Ron Silliman, “Third Phase Objectivism”

The Gallery

Richard Friedman, “Pictures of George and Mary Oppen, December, 1980”

The Explicator

Cid Corman, “The Experience of Poetry”

David McAleavey, “Unrolling Universe: A Reading of Oppen’s This In Which

The Biographer

Eliot Weinberger, “A Little Heap for George Oppen”

Jane Augustine, “Mary Oppen: Meaning a Life”

Donald Powell, “‘At the Time of the Rogue’s First Flood”: A Life, Together”

Michael Heller, “For George Oppen”

Dan Gerber, “Of Fathers”

The Bibliographer

David McAleavey, “A Bibliography of the Works of George Oppen”

The Vortex

E. P. Walkiewicz, “Back to ABC: A Report on the Sixth International Ezra Pound Conference”

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The Periplum

Ben Kimpel and T. C. Duncan Eaves, “American History in Rock-Drill and Thrones

E. P. Walkiewicz and Hugh Witemeyer, “Ezra Pound’s Contributions to New Mexican Periodicals and His Relationship with Senator Bronson Cutting”

Daniel Pearlman, “Ezra Pound: America’s Wandering Jew”

David Matthew Rosen, “Art and Economics in Pound”

The Explicator

Reed Way Dasenbrock, “Dante’s Hell and Pound’s Paradiso: ‘tutto spezzato’

Ben D. Kimpel and T. C. Duncan Eaves, “Herbert Hoover and the London Judge”

Ronald E. Thomas, “‘Ere He His Goddis Brocht in Latio’: On Pound’s Appreciation of Gavin Douglas”

The Bibliographer

Andrew Crosland, “Annotated Checklist of Criticism on Ezra Pound, 1961-1965: Part III”

The Zuk Explicator

Reno Odlin, “Materials Toward an Essay on Zukofsky’s ‘A’

The Vortex

Terri B. Joseph, “‘The Pisan Cantos: Thirty Years After:’ A Report on the MLA Special Session, 1979″

William Hoffa, “‘Ezra Pound: A Celebration,’ Hamilton College, April 25-26, 1980”

Burton Hatlen, “Re Reno Odlin: A Riposte”

The Reviewer

Stephen Fender (Leon Surette, A Light from Eleusis: A Study of Ezra Pound’s Cantos)

This cover is an undated photograph of Ezra Pound, provided with permission by Dr. Bruce Richman, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX.

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FALL 1980


The Periplum

John J. Nolde, “The Literary Revolutions of Hu Shih and Ezra Pound”

Robert G. Eisenhauer, “‘Jeweler’s Company’: Topaz, Half-Light, and Bounding-Lines in The Cantos

Randall Schroth, “A Primer for Some of Pound’s Chinese Characters”

John Steven Childs, “Larvatus Prodeo: Semiotic Aspects of the Ideogram in Pound’s Cantos

The Explicator

Ben D. Kim

The Documentary

The Bibliographer

The Reviewer

This cover shows a statue of a standing Bodhisatva, made of wood with traces of color. 195 cm high. From the Sung dynasty. Reprinted from A Book of Chinese Art (London: Spring Books, 1966).

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Dove Sta Memora

Hugh Kenner, “The Sound of Sense”

Robert Creeley, “Basil Bunting”

Ralph Gustafson, “Music Thinks Sensuously, Words Can’t”

Russell Banks, “Good to the Source: A Lesson in Good Manners”

Ronald Bayes, “Balancing Act”

Donald Davie, “But to Remember”

Guy Davenport, “For Basil Bunting”

Peter Lewis, “Canto CLI, from Sartoris”

August Kleinzhaler, “Throw It Out and Try Again”

The Periplum

Carroll F. Terrell, “Basil Bunting in Action”

David Gordon, “A Northumbrian Sabine”

Anthony Suter, “The Writer in the Mirror”

Peter Dale, “Bunting and Villon”

The Gallery

Basil Bunting

A Rawthey Madrigal

The Biographer

Jonathan Williams, “Eighty of the Best”

F. Whitney Jones, “Basil Bunting in America, 1976”

David Gordon, “Bunting Obiter

Tom Pickard, “Serving My Time to a Trade”

The Documentary

J. A., “Brigflatts Meeting House 1675”

The Bibliographer

Roger Guedalla, “Books and Pamphlets by or Edited by Basil Bunting”

The Reviewer

Peter Quartermain (Louis Zukofsky, ‘A’)

Joseph Cary (‘Ezra Pound Speaking’: Radio Speeches of World War II, ed. Leonard W. Doob)

Hugh Witemeyer (Barbara Eastman, Ezra Pound’s Cantos: The Story of the Text)

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The Periplum

Max Nänny, “The Oral Roots of Ezra Pound’s Methods of Quotation and Abbreviation”

Kevin M. Oderman, “The Servants of Amor in Pound’s Early Poems”

The Explicator

Eva Hesse, “The Problem of mo in Canto LXXIV”

Franz H. Link, “Pound’s ‘A Girl’ and Ovid’s Metamorphoses, I, 547-555″

Richard Law, “The Seventh Canto Initial”

Peter Davidson, “Heracles & m’la calata

Barbara Eastman, “The Gap in The Cantos: 72 and 73″

The Biographer

Romano Bilenchi, “Rapallo, 1941” (translated, with notes and an introduction, by David Anderson)

Enrico Pea, “Thank You, Ezra Pound” (translated, with notes and an introduction, by David Anderson)

Tim Redman, “The Repatriation of Pound, 1939-1942: A View from the Archives”

The Documentary

Ezra Pound, “Letters to John Buchan, 1934-1935” (edited by S. Namjoshi)

John J. Nolde, “The Sources for Chinese Dynastic Canto LVI: Part Two”

Ben Kimpel and T. C. Duncan Eaves, “Pound’s Use of Sienese Manuscripts for Cantos XLII and XLIII”

The Bibliographer

Andrew Crosland, “Annotated Checklist of Criticism on Ezra Pound, 1961-1965: Part I”

The Vortex

C. T. Thomas, “Link’s ‘Honey-comb’: A Rejoinder”

Michael André Bernstein, “Mythos and Logos in Ezra Pound: The Splitting of the Realms”

Stephen Paul Ellis, “Dante in Pound’s Early Career”

David Holloway, “Report on the Pound Conference, Durham, 1979”

The Reviewer

Walter Baumann (Eva Hesse, Ezra Pound: Von Sinn und Wahnsinn)

This cover shows medieval coins from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. This image is found in The Beauty and Lore of Coins by Elvira and Vladimir Clain-Stefanelli. We are indebted to Riverwood Publishers Ltd. for permission to use this photograph.

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FALL 1979


The Periplum

Nobuko Tsuki Keith, “Aoi No Ue and Kinuta: An Examination of Ezra Pound’s Translations”

David Anderson, “The Techniques of Critical Translation: Ezra Pound’s Guido Cavalcanti, 1912”

The Explicator

Hugh Witemeyer, “Pound and the Cantos ‘Ply over Ply'”

Ian F. A. Bell, “Pound, Emerson and ‘Subject-Rhyme'”

The Biographer

Ezra Pound, “The Poet Speaks”

Francis J. Bosha, “Faulkner, Pound, and the P.P.P.”

Ilse Engel, “Story of a Meeting with Ezra Pound”

The Documentary

John J. Nolde, “The Sources for Chinese Dynastic Canto LVI”

Eva Hesse, “Mythopoiós”

John Espey, “Sidelights from the Italian and German Cantos”

The Bibliographer

George Rooks, “An Annotated Checklist on Ezra Pound, 1976”

Kay Davis, “An index to Canto References in Paideuma

The Vortex

P.H. Smith and A. E. Durant, “Pound’s Metonymy: Revisiting Canto 47”

Guy Davenport, “The Real Lucifer”

C. F. Terrell, “Durham & Pound Conferences”

The Gallery

Pictures at Durham Conference Taken by H. Witemeyer

Pictures at Durham Conference Taken by Hugh Kenner

The Reviewer

Timothy Materer (Omar Pound and Philip Grover, Wyndham Lewis, a Descriptive Bibliography; and Bradford Morrow and Bernard Lafourcade, A Bibliography of the Writings of Wyndham Lewis)

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The Periplum

James A. Powell, “The Light of Vers Libre”

Sally M. Gall, “Pound and the Modern Melic tradition: Towards a Demystification of ‘Absolute Rhythm'”

The Explicator

Hugh Kenner, “A Note on CX/778”

Eva Hesse, “‘Kadzuk, Arachidi, Acero’ in Canto XCVII/683: A Matter of Coherence”

G. Schmidt, “A Note on Canto CX”

Eric Langumier, “Scarabs and Gold”

Angela P. Elliott, “Lucifer’s Fall in Pound’s Canto LXXIV”

The Biographer

Richard A. Cassell, “A Visit with E.P.”

Eveline Bates Doob, “Some Notes on E.P.”

The Documentary

Ben Kimpel and T. C. Duncan Eaves, “The Source of Canto L”

The Bibliographer

Hollis Sickles, “Annotated Checklist of Pound Criticism 1945-1951”

Natalie Harris, “New Pound Holdings at the Lilly library”

The Vortex

Burton Hatlen, “Stalin and/or Zukofsky: A Note”

E. A. B. Jenner, “‘Medallion’: Some Questions”

The Reviewer

Aldo Tagliaferri (Niccolo Zapponi, L’Italia di Ezra Pound)

Doris L. Eder (William Harmon, Time in Ezra Pound’s Work)

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This issue of PAIDEUMA
Louis Zukofsky


Dove Sta Memora

Celia Zukofsky, “1927-1972”

Basil Bunting, “Pound and ‘Zuk'”

George Oppen, “My Debt to Him”

Ian Hamilton Finlay, “In Memory”

Gael Turnbull, “For L.Z. on the Occasion Etc.”

Ronald Johnson, “Wor(l)ds 45, A Spire for the Death of L.Z.”

Robert Creeley, “For L.Z.”

Hugh Kenner, “Louis Zukofsky: All the Words”

Harvey Shapiro, “Thinking of the Zukofskys”

Thomas A. Clark, “In Memoriam, Louis Zukofsky”

Hayden Carruth, “Dear Louis”

Guy Davenport, “Scripta Zukofskii Elogia”

Robert Kelly, “A Book of Solutions”

Gilbert Sorrentino, “Louis Zukofsky”

Michael Andre Bernstein, “A Dyptich for Louis Zukofsky”

Ron Silliman, “Louis Zukofsky”

The Periplum

Louis Zukofsky, “A Foin Lass Bodders”

Hugh Kenner, “Loove in Brooklyn”

Robert Duncan, “Reading Zukofsky These Forty Years”

Charles Tomlinson, “Objectivists: Zukofsky and Oppen, a Memoir”

Cid Corman, “The Transfigured Prose”

Don Byrd, “The Shape of Zukofsky’s Canon”

Barry Ahearn, “The Adams Connection”

The Gallery

Early Pictures of Zuk

Later Pictures of Zuk

L.Z.’s Desk at Port Jefferson

Ms. Page for 80 Flowers

The Explicator

John Taggart, “Zukofsky’s ‘Mantis'”

Peter Quartermain, “Recurrencies: No. 12 of Louis Zukofsky’s Anew

Burton Hatlen, “Catullus Metamorphosed”

The Biographer

David Ignatow “Louis Zukofsky — Two Views”

Hugh Seidman, “L.Z. at Poly Tech (1958-61)”

Harold Schimmel, “Zuk. Yehoash David Rex”

Fielding Dawson, “A Memoir of Louis Zukofsky”

David Gordon, “Zuk and Ez at St. Liz”

Carroll F. Terrell, “Conversations with Celia”

The Bibliographer

Celia Zukofsky, “Year by Year Bibliography of L.Z.”

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