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Going to Press Soon

Volume 45 / 2018


Literary History

Contributions by Hélène Aji, Gregory Betts, James Brophy, Cristina Giorcelli, Kaiser Haq, J. Peter Moore, Christopher Nealon, Nancy Ogle, Josephine Park, Joshua Schuster, Brian Kim Stefans, Lytle Shaw, and Tyrone Williams.

Other Essays

Robert Baker, Amy Carpenter, Nathaniel Davis, David Lloyd, Florian Gargallo, and more.

Note and Interview

Thomas Palaima; Zhu Yuhan and Yu Yanghuan interview Charles Altieri.

Going to Press in 2020

Volume 46 / 2019



Contributions by Jacqueline Ardam, Clint Burnham, cris cheek, Cheryl Clarke, Peter Coviello, Ray Dejesus, Kristin Dykstra, Alec Finlay, Norman Fischer, Michael Kelleher, Hank Lazer, David Marriott, James Maynard, Peter O’Leary, Bob Perelman, David Pritchard, The Sara Morgan Bryan Piatt Recovery Project (Elizabeth Renker, Sean Andres, Jolie Braun, Larry Michaels), Suzanne Stein, Gillian White, and John Wilkinson, with a note on the symposium by Andrew Epstein.

Other Essays

Edward Alexander, Daniel Benyousky, and a dossier on Jack Spicer and The Holy Grail with work by Daniel C. Remein, Laurie A. Finke/Martin B. Shichtman, David Habdawnik, and Alex Mueller.

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